CHARM is DECEPTIVE, and BEAUTY is FLEETING, but a woman who FEARS the LORD is to be PRAISED . Proverbs 31:30


Asher needs his own "Youtube" series!

Asher being silly, as always!

Grandma & Grandpa visit Hanging Rock 11-24-11

 Safe sitting place for the younger kids.
 Cleyo and his dad.
 A closer view? (Sheldon above, grandma below)
Don't know, but not trying it!  lol

 Sheldon & Grace, whom love to increase my chance of a heart attack,
as they like to tease near the edge of cliffs. Grrr!
These pics do not show the many times they get close to the edge,
or pretend to trip. Hate it!

 If you look to the right, you will see Priscilla on a rock.
Not a big deal unless you knew certain death was on the left.
And yet, I have to argue with her as she continued to climb closer to the edge!

2011 Christmas Decorations

 Had enough to beautify the Buffet.

 Outside our back door, a bear begs  :)
 Had to add a little decorations outside, because the kids say I "never" decorate outside.
Last year's C-mas present, a Black Friday steal, was finally put together.
The kids are loving it. Not sure the neighbor's do, as excitement creates loud voices or arguments  :D
They are jumping straight from awakening to till late in the evening.
Great way to burn energy!

October 2011

 Sheldon as Kermit the Frog

 Elijah as Moses

 Daniel as Jesus

 Jesus healing :)


 Priscilla as a pretty scarecrow

 Abby the pirate, who models  :)
 we were trying to give her a wooden leg.........

 Shiloh as the Flower girl? We do not know what this outfit is, it is just cute!

 And Grace.......this is the only dressing up she would do, and it was for "hat day" at school